World champ


Bambi before staggering back home unable to deal with the bright lights of daytime


Rogues Gallery


Robbo, half way up, sorry


London boy now and Now Then deliberating


Alice, usual pose


Sun down = Beer o'clock


Beak beers


Robbo,Roey and Devon (?) beers


Usual bike pile with extras

There were quite a few riders in town not so long a go for Wednesday session, and by what I assume was shear coincidence, Empire of Dirt (Sadly, along with other Red Bull events my invite was lost in the post so I wasn’t going to get to go, Kye could you please look into this…).

Chineese Al, aka The Champ, Annoying Will Herrman, Robbo and plenty of others were helping out with the building of the course to pass the time between Wednesdays and after a hard days graft and a belly full of potatoes would pop down to the Clissold for a wobble and a beer.

There is not a shit ton to say about the whole fortnight apart from the notable scarce event that is known as sunshine and that even though saying “Robbo is good” is not news watching him ride a park reminded me just how daft good he is all round, he also professes Roey is the best bike rider in the world because he can slow himself down by pumping, I doubt that claim is even understood by everyone…

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World champ

  1. Pete says:

    Steves bike looks huge in pic 5

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah I have often thought Steve would be better off on an 18inch…

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