Welcome Back

Nothing stays the same forever.

Welcome to the new blog, we got bored…

There are only so many times you can write “we wen’t to Camden, it was cold, we did a table and drank a beer” before it gets repetitive and it felt like we crossed that line a while back.

Time to move on… The plan for the blog mark 2 is fewer posts, yep, fewer, but hopefully slightly more interesting. Slightly.

We’ve a selected a few of the better old posts, plus we’ve added one or two new ‘ens. We’re still only going to be posting things that have a legit Wednesday connection – be that an actual Wednesday session, a trip abroad, or at the very least something from someone we know. There won’t be any “I found this on the internet and I like it so here you go” kinda shit… like you’ve never heard of ffffound.

So grab a cuppa, or better still a Redstripe and have a browse, hopefully it all makes sense. (If not, click the ‘i’ icon up top).

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N.B. – For further content, such as pictures of beer, pubs, jumps, The Pet, Chris’ thumbs or other random incidental stuff that we feel ain’t really bloggable in it’s own right, you should follow us on Twitter (@HelloWednesday) and Instagram (hellowednesday). Plus, we now have an RSS feed that works. So basically you needn’t bother visiting this site at all… Great.

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Welcome Back

  1. Ian says:

    A little old but you may like http://vimeo.com/33201374
    Feel free to blog if you wanna
    oh and welcome back…..

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