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Craig S / Lookback / Hall 1 Overview


Buddhas / one foot eggs

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Mark / Hip clicker

Buds wallride

Buddhas / LD Wallride


Fraggle / Table ride

Glendour tranny

Glendour / Little Devil Bowl Transfer

I’ve wanted to go on so many trips this year but with the shitty awful summer, having a busy year work wise and I guess being a bit flakey none have them have come off. Lets see…

There was the Wednesday USA trails trip: Didn’t happen. The fuck it lets just drive through France and ride whatever we find and visit La source trip: Didn’t happen. The Le Havre trip: Happened but I wasn’t on it. The Spain trip: Didn’t happen. The fuck it lets just drive to France and camp and ride whatever we find and maybe make it to La Source trip (number 2): Didn’t happen. The end of the year fly to Spain and ride Eurocamp trip: Didn’t happen.

…by the M25 watching Glen rearrange the back of the van
for premium smoking comfort

So I was nicely surprised when Glen managed to get together a few folk to go up to Scotland and visit Unit 23. With seemingly little fuss and hardly any flaking out. All of a sudden there we were, in a rainy car park by the M25 watching Glen rearrange the back of the van for premium smoking comfort. So easy!

A couple of days and a few piss wet motorway miles later I was sitting on the deck in Hall one trying to decide if hanging around in a fucking freezing, ginormous warehouse, in some crap ex-industrial town that might well be the capital of rain in Scotland, was how I really wanted to spend my precious spare time. I mean, yeah I could ride my bike but the views ain’t much to look at.

I soon got over it. Unit 23 is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. Its bloody massive. And full of ramps!

We mainly stayed in hall one, riding the new additions. The super chilled
sessions in there were like a dream with frequently just us riding the main section, doing trains and trying to figure out every line in there. Just that one room has so much going on, multiple wallrides, volcano, jump box you can hit from any angle, loads of hips and stuff to pump. I loved it!

The scariest wooden thing to be made since the Trojan horse

I didn’t love the little devil bowl. That bowl is the scariest wooden thing to be made since the Trojan horse. I now know that everything I have ever seen done in that ramp is impossible and must have been a figment of my imagination. It’s about two feet deeper and much tighter than I thought it was. It was horrifying. I rode it once and went back to the other bit, leaving Buddhas, Glen and Mark to session the hell out of it.

As Jason Phelan says “if you got bored in hall one… There‘s hall two”. Its even bigger, with more ramps. I won’t try and list everything but you can definitely keep yourself entertained in there for a week. I was loving the jumpbox section until the rain came in and made a big puddle in front of the vert wall halfway through. Theres a massive hip in this room, a really fun small snake run/bowl arrangement and we even did a bit of street skilling to mix it up.

I don’t think I’ve ridden for a full day all year, let alone three on the trot. I was bloody knackered at the end of each day and could barely drag myself up to the carvery near our hotel to watch Glen vs food. I swear he ate the weight of the van in roasted meat and veg every evening. We could have driven back to London on
methane and not bothered with all the petrol stations!

We all drove back to London knackered and sore on the Friday but I reckon we were all pretty chuffed we spent the week inside a big old draughty warehouse with or without a view.

Did I mention the rain?

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  1. Ben says:

    Garrr, I need to go here! Early next year yes?

  2. Ed Salter says:

    Looks fun, another trip soon!

  3. Chris says:

    I’m in for a trip…

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