Tim Barry

I saw Tim Barry play last night. Tim fucking Barry. The great hulking beast of a man who used to front Avail, in the shithole that is The Old Blue last of all places, for free, and he was mind blowing. Mr Barry means what he sings and he sings it pretty mean, with songs about friends he has found dead and friends locked away for doing “what they had to do” (which in case in question was killing someone who beat their sister) yet somehow without becoming morbid or depressing. Preaching living simply and slow you can’t help but think the world would be a much better place with a few more like him. Here’s one of his few “official” music videos, grab a beer and sit back and have a listen.

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Tim Barry

  1. Ben says:

    I just read this on wap. Why did they invent wap, it’s hideous. I couldn’t watch the video, i assume cos youtube was down rather than any other problem regarding my phone or wap.

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