Techno Sunday


Bambi - snapping


Alice - hipping


Bambi - berming


Feti - fingering


Steven - concentrating


Philly - ooping


People (inc O.G. witch) - gassing


Shee witch - tableflopping


Alice - grimacing


Howard - turningdown


Nick - googling


Howards way


Jimmy - cranking


Grassy knollers


Kris - rolling


NZ Phil - decking


Pete the beard - whizzplanking


Alright, technically it was a Sunday but that names taken so I’m putting this post under the Wednesday banner. And lets not hear any more about it, right?

The sun actually managed to fight its way through the pre-olympic weather management to shine for most of the day on Sunday and a fair few were at the bowl to see it. I for one realised about half way through a can of cider that evening that it was probably the first day this year that I’d spent entirely outside on my bike having fun and riding. Thanks to this poxy summer we’ve all been reduced to the odd hour here and there if we’re lucky, and if I’m ever to go more than three rizlas above that damn coping I need more than five minutes dodging rain drops before I’ve time to wake up of a morning!

Anyway, have fun I did. Attendance was pretty good despite the Wednesday club “a-team” not being present. Pete the beard had his barbeque music on and generally the good vibes were rolling, apart from a few lapses in etiquette. One geezer even dropped in basically straight from his seated position on the bench, with about 15 people queued up!

Notable highlights were Bambi doing the highest air since Jerry Galley, Jimmy missing a nozza and scaring everyone witless, Alice grimacing all day (thought this was supposed to be fun!), Kris Hitler youth Shee trying to bribe himself into doing a trick with the promise of a sandwich, an appearance from OG witch and even the RICHWITCH, NZ phil doing about 30 jumps per run and… Howard, the man of the day.

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3 Responses to:
Techno Sunday

  1. Google says:

    Love it, I didn’t hit the right part of that takeoff all day

  2. Chris Gordon says:

    That table from Shee is pretty shithot… go on the Shee!

  3. Ian says:

    Captin KevMan almost looks happy..

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