Summer Daze


Alice gobbling beer


Rhyso, Stu and Max


cooor blimey guv, what ya got there? give you a pony and a cart for it orr you can 'op it


Warhammer contemplating rolling the dice on a run, i assume a 20 sided "die".


Simon, observing




Summer Street scouse


Beak Oppo table, which is obv goofy, but not switch, ok?


I am really sorry Johnny

I was going to mention a certain photo that was up on Facebook from this same eve which atracted a bit of drama, but I already feel like a fat lad trying to stir things up to boost comments/clicks in the hope of justifying the recent double of advertising costs, so I’ll stop right there.

Instead, I’ll just leave you with a selection of snaps from a surprise warm April evening down Clissold.

We are almost one slide of Faux Vintage typography away from a “look book” hereā€¦

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6 Responses to:
Summer Daze

  1. Ben says:

    Haaa, yeh defo not bloody switch. That winds me up.

  2. Pete says:

    Chris, I find it hard to believe after all these years of riding you don’t know the difference between opposite and switch. You daft twat.

    I an’t seen specky either, we should give him a shout this weekend

  3. Chris says:

    Re read Pete.

  4. Ben says:

    Pete, despite loving any opportunity to ridicule Chris, he was taking the piss out of some new fad that has evolved, of calling things switch, when they are just opposite… Mainly used by people who never really want to leave the ground.

  5. Jonny says:

    Ha ha so you should be…

  6. Dayno says:

    Max, Rhyso – Stu shot – classic! Ba Ba bappin

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