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Anthony de Ville’s latest edit has dominated my Facebook news feed today, it’s been posted by most people and most sites now, if only he had used the phrase “ma boy” or prefixed someones name with “lil” it might of even graced the almighty comeup, although somehow I feel de Ville isn’t too fussed about that. Filmed over a year which was pretty much a wash out for many places, making a good 7 odd min edit is no mean feat even with Villij and it’s locals at your disposal. Apart from the obvious it was the quality of this edit that stood out for me and the obvious planning behind it, so I asked de Ville a few questions about the whole thing and a bit about himself…

Name age and occupation:
Anthony de Ville, 29, Electrician.

How often do you get to ride?
In the winter hardly ever, in the summer I try everyday but this year hardly at all.
Very shit.

Do you find it hard to put down your bike in favour of the camera?
Sometimes yeah, but when the weathers good and I’m riding a lot and Robbo, Frog, Camby etc. are getting crazy it’s real fun to film that

Equipment used:
Nikon D7000 50mm 35mm 10.5 all Nikon glass and a £10 tripod I keep up the
woods, haha.

There really aren’t many BMX videos that inspire these days, they all seem rushed just to get out on the net.

When did you decide to start filming for this, was it a conscious decision or did you just find yourself with a lot of great footage and created it from there?
I started filming about a year ago and was planning on making a much longer video with Tom Cambridge but obviously the weather just got so bad this year that it never really got anywhere, I wasn’t actually going to release this because I just didn’t think there was enough riding and some stuff just didn’t come out the way I wanted so I showed cambridge and he just said I might as well put it out there as it might get people psyched to pick up a shovel, so I did.

The time lapse bits were particularly well put together, how much planning
went into them?

Not a great deal whenever we were going to shape a lip or re build something I would just set up the camera on the £10 tripod and just let it roll. I did try using a ND filter and stop the light right down so I could have a slow shutter creating a slight blurred effect, which made it look a little quicker and then use motion in Final Cut to create the
glide effect.

Did you send it to any of the established sites to post or do you not care about that kind of thing?
No, none, I just sort of pop it on the old Facebook and it’ll find its way around. As long as my friends see it then I’m happy.

Do you have any plans for video production? There don’t seem to be any people creating high quality independent full length videos atm… room for a UK Vinyl?
Yes me and Cambridge are going to have another go at making a full trail vid, it would be cool to do something like that especially with Cambridge as he’s been making vids for years and he’s a lot more professional than me and always coming up with cool ideas. So will have to see weather permitting, ha.

Are there any videos you used as reference/inspiration in or out of BMX?
There really isn’t many BMX videos that inspire these days they all seem rushed just to get out on the net if it takes me less than a year to make a vid then thats too quick. Outside of BMX I really enjoyed a BBC nature documentary called Yellowstone National Park I love how it went through the year season by season and I always thought that it would be real cool to do something like that with trails.

Any thanks?
Villij crew.

Thumbnail Photo: Liam Owen

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