Saint Secret

Hidden away on a slip road off the A1 sit LP Woods. Started in the winter of ’06, a little after the infamous spine ramp was burnt down (allegedly by local fireman), the jumps have evolved from a skate park replacement, to a solid set of trails with berms, rollers, long & lows and big hips. They were always pretty good to be fair, but now they are really fun and floaty. Well they were when I rode them a couple of months ago, but when I pedalled excitedly from the train station last Sunday afternoon, my cranks snapped and put an early end to my fun.

At least that might have… instead I was able to focus on stoking the bbq and nattering. I had to politely decline the Iceland value chicken legs, but I’d reckoned on this and come prepared with a pack of Linda McCartney specials.

As for the jam, well, it was more like a usual Sunday sesh. I counted two faces from out of town, and they were from semi-local Bury way. My invite came from local Mat Burton, who hit his head not so long ago, so it’s possible he got the days mixed up. Still, there was some serious riding going down, with Mat and Danny the chief diggers shredding the jumps. Local hero Perry Layde was back on his bike after roughly a dozen operations to rebuild his broken foot, hitting transfer lines no one else could even see.

I felt I’d been a fine WednesdayBlog envoy by turning up late, not riding or digging, and eating too many burger buns, but I think they let me off. With the fun vibes, veggie digs and good riding, it was a nice day all round. Cheers to the LP Woods locals.

Words by: Simon Whitlock
Videography by: Simon also

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Saint Secret

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