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T’other weekend I headed back up to Grimsby (my hometown) for a rally driving weekend that got promptly cancelled because of snow, great. I still maintain that snow would have made it much more fun… Thankfully I had foresight enough to take my bike with me too, so in-between home cooked roasts and taking photos of my parents cats with the camera I stole from work, I also managed to get in a session in at ’The Farm’. Which is a bunch of ramps, in a barn, on a farm, in the middle of the rolling Lincolnshire Wolds. Pleasant.

Those GYPO lads are a resourceful bunch; not content with the racetrack, concrete bowl, portable mini-ramp and 15 year-deep trail spot they have already masterminded, they’ve now managed to forge themselves a private indoor set up, to get away from the huge numbers of youth who seem to have taken so keenly to their other creations. Thanks to them pushing and organising these numerous ‘wheelsport’ (lol) facilities for the area, there are now so many riders up in Grimsby it’s mind-boggling… So I see their logic.

A core group of the lads keep this place going by putting money towards wood and the measly rent that the local farmer asks for this fairly substantial barn. It’s a tricky set up to ride, much more tiring that our usual casual hip-jump-to-deck-beer at Clissold. I was about knackered after about 2 laps, so set about trying to take some photos with the afore mentioned work-loaner. Which, in hindsight, I wasn’t really much better at.

The cat photo is best.

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