Malagrouse Two


Ari / Chiliedown


Ari / Inverted


Alec / post tumble


Camera si


Merlin / Euro swede


Joe Bailey / Riggaboot kickout


Jonny Holiday


Mole down


Mole / Lookbaaaaaaaack


Le pet


Bruised beak


Simon Twitlock / Single legger


Hermann / Oppo floater


Hand packing / Contemplating Keenan

I thought it had been roughly a year since we last posted anything on here (until I looked and realised I was wrong) and it’s been roughly a year since the last visit to Malaga. So what better way to celebrate such a momentous cataclysm of events, than this post, with a slew of photos (by Jasper) of roughly the same thing we always posted when we thought camden was good. Except made of mud.

Malagrouse 2. I’d like to say it was grouse (good) but that’d be pushing it, as I broke my arm on my fifth run through the new mediocre trails at Rubens park, and was in a sulk the rest of the week. Still, everyone else on the trip, all 15 of them, seemed to be having a good time, so I felt it only polite that I should pretend to do the same.

The spot where all the shots are taken was right by the hostel we stayed at; Casa Babylon – good place. Check it out if you, like everyone in the UK, are planning trip to the Costa del Sol to ride your bike this spring. The ‘pump track’ had been built by Ari, a Chilean lad we met last year who now resides in Malaga, and kinda resembled that big dirt quarter thing the Ruben built somewhere, except entirely more rideable by 30+ has been’s / never was’s. Perfect.

The quarter looked real fun to ride, even if the run in and set up jumps/rollers where a little gnarly, and everyone seemed to be having enjoying their ‘sens’. So I left early, in a jealous sulk to drown my sorrows with market beers and garlic prawns. Only to flip over the bars trying to ride one handed down the rocky path to the street. Bending my new iPhone and bruising my pride and body even further.

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is.

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