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Malaga is grouse. As is Rubens bowl, as is riding with Ruben. As is hill bombing and being in the sun all day, and drinking beers at a castle and doing a bodysurf in the med.

To be honest I can hardly remember most of the trip now, maybe we should try and do these posts sooner after the event.

I had a great time riding the bowl that called us to Malaga, in fact I want to go back and ride it again, but the thing I remember most was all of us collected at the bottom of a hill suddenly being confronted with some odd catholic Jesus carrying carnival procession. Everybody around us looking pious and quite serious and us lot absolutely buzzing and giggly from blasting a twisty turny hill. The top of which had a castle with a 15ft wall around it that we had ridden around the top of to get the optimum sunset beer drinking position.

There we sat drinking said beers and doing drugsticks until the sun was nearly gone, before bombing (off-road at first, through the pine trees) down the hill to find ourselves with all these folk doing religion. It was my favourite moment of the week. Much better than doing a bunnyhop straight into the end of a wall.

I wasn’t the only one to do a daft crash mind, Si fell over doing a skid and Merlin did a through the bench ride to head roll.

Most of the week we just rode at Rubens bowl because its bloody awesome, then went and got in the sea, which is also awesome. We did visit Torremelinos briefly where there was an awkward but fun bowl and a quarter for doing airs (for those that can) and bars with names like “Ave it bar”, we didn’t stay for a drink. We also went to some bonkers downhill trails where The Lord Calzone showed us what he’s made of, and this local lad went to the moon and did stunts and foxy nearly smashed himself to bits after jumping off his push-iron at about 50ft altitude.

After that we had a big night out, meaning we went to bed later than midnight.

I have footage of Farmers Eye losing quite badly at table football but I don’t remember playing it myself, I do remember wandering around Malaga on my own at about 5am trying to find some more Pizza. As I said: Grouse.

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Malagrouse Jaz

  1. Chris says:

    Hold on, where is the tale of singing “System of a down” in some mosher bar while head banging – Beak?

  2. Ben says:

    Only Simon was witness to this, therefore it didn’t happen.

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