Lisbon 2010


Nice view spoilt by idiots




A rare flat road


Ady and trees


Hillside forest skatepark


Manny challenge


Uphill struggle


Ady / Birds


Ross / Ady / Beak


Statue / Flatland / Hill / Cobbles


Push pink


Another hill / Another ramp


Step warmers


Tired Teenager

Lis Bon Bon Bon… The week before last (Sept 2010) myself, Rob, Easty Ross and Ady headed off on a 7 day long jaunt to Lisbon, Portugal. In search of some sun, sea and stunts. We got two of these. Actually, we got all three, but one was too cold.

In a typical, I can’t be arsed to write a full story, so i’ll do a half arsed bullet pointed thing kinda way, here are some half assed bullet points outlining some points of interest about the trip. Accompanied by some lovely shots (up there) that Rob took on his APS camera.

Sunshine: Lisbon had this in abundance. Can’t beat a good bit of vitamin D.

Cobbles and hills: Lisbon also had these in abundance. Not ideal on a BMX. Especially not ideal if you forget to pack a brake in ‘yer suitcase. Which the other three seemed to have done.

Cocktails: 5 euros for a pint’s worth of spirits? Yes please. Every evening started, and usually finished with the drinking of numerous pints of Caprinia’s and Mojitos in the Barrio Alto (party) district. Every morning started with the announcement that we definitely would not be drinking any cocktails ever again… until 5pm rolled around. “Caprinia?” be rude not to.

Young Loeber: Sleeping in till 12, sulking when he was hungry, asking for ice creams every 20 mins. Bloody teenagers.

Lisbon Wednesday Club: After meeting Paulo randomly in the street (in his car), we got chatting and were invited down to the park near the bridge (yeh that one in the Etnies video) for their bike night, which, co-incidentally, runs on a Wednesday evening too! There was a massive turnout, and everyone was really friendly, we even got offered a lift all the way back into the city, which was much appreciated at one in the morning. Cheers lads! Some stickers are on the way, I promise!

Atlantic: Before the trip, I was rather excited by the prospect of being able to swim in the sea every morning (akin to Barcelona last year – 2009). I should have probably researched this a little more, as… 1. There is no beach in the city. 2. When we did go to the beach, up the coast, the water was so cold I though my feet where going to fall off after 30 seconds. Damn you the Atlantic.

Hostel: Not the film. Our hostel. It was sweet… Being a snobby caunt, I have always turned my beak up at the idea of staying in a hostel when I have been away in the past. But seen as though a bunch of the “Worlds best hostels” are apparently in Lisbon, and the place we booked was described as “Luxury” – I felt a little more comfortable. It was pretty much brand new, we had a room to ourselves and the showers where good (enough for a 2 hour nap). Only downside was the steps we used as shortcut to get to the place. People poo’s, crack foil, used condoms and earbuds, I guess someone must have had a good night.

I could probably write more, but in all honesty, I’m bored now. If you got this far then you did better than me. So just take a look at the snaps, It looks nice doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is, you should go…

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