Jazzy BCN


Northern breakfast, possibly cabbage soup


Beak / Seaside gap tuck


Grimsby Train


Brits abroad


Foxtrot / broke foot gap


Fox / Beak


Pierre / Forum air


Pete / out-grousing himself


Carve / someone / too small to see


Posh chris / that place again, we did go elsewhere honest


Jere / Yeah-rrrray


Beach beers


Wierd small faced beak


Wierd large faced merlin


Beak brick bobble

So yeah, Barcelona. Default BMX holiday hotspot. I guess you’ve probably heard of it?

I guess you might have also been aware that the Nike team made a trip out there this year and shot an edit. Recently THE COME UP (it’s a slightly smaller, less worthy BMX blog in the states, you might not have heard of it) was re-visiting the BSD vid ‘any which way’ and that had a section in Barca, which was quite good. Tom White once went there and did a stunt, so did Edwin Delarosa. So did the Marv. I spect Van Homan has even turned the cranks there although I can’t remember it….. (google?) But last month was the big one, the one that finally killed this city as a BMX destination… Wednesday club went there!

…around every corner there’s a spot.
Which is normally a ledge.

I’d not been there with my bike before so it had passed me by before but yeah its true what they say, the whole city is basically a skate park, that around every corner there’s a spot. Which is normally a ledge. Seriously, after the first day I’d done so many bunny hops I couldn’t move either of my arms for the next two days.

Lets face it though, unless you’re some sort of super-human, ambidextrous, mega-hopping, street monster most of these spots are pretty shit. A skate park it may be, but a big flat street plaza of a skate park.

That wave thing with the rail hop is bloody rubbish (although its quite fun wizzing up the ledge next to it). I did bloody love carving about on that giant tiled wall by the sea but I wasn’t about to try and kill myself going over the doors.

Maybe I’ve just got an attitude problem.

I’m not moaning, I had a bloody good coupla days. I just think maybe I’ve got to that stage in life where its not really about ‘having it’ every day (or probably any day) and its not really about going out and getting shitted every night to make up for not having it. Its more about just good old fashioned having a laugh with some mates, enjoying the sunshine, the sights and the experience of pedaling about and seeing a new side to a place. Oh, and jumping in the sea, its definitely about jumping in the sea.

Beak was having it mind, jumping gaps and stuff, Foxy too, broken foot and all. Pete was having it, on salads and blendr. Jere and I were just cruising and drinking Damm Limons in the sun, which was perfect.

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4 Responses to:
Jazzy BCN

  1. Chris says:

    Sorry about the ironing board air Jaz, Beak actually got one where something happened…

  2. Pete says:

    I’d like to think there is not such thing as out grousing yer sen.

    Beak, I wanna see some of your pics. Salads and tackling siters are also a good way to have it Jazz Witch.

  3. Jaz says:

    Pete was well aving the salads

  4. Ben says:

    Yeah, gonna put em up ere soooon…

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