Jaz Clarke


The Bookend / Epsom


Jimmy Rushmore / Epsom


Matt Burton / St. Neots


The Beak / Cantelowes


Ross Head / Epsom

Jaz is a nice lad, if a bit flappy at times and he makes a living by taking photographs – which means he is an actual fully fledged professional photographer, rather than just some other yoke with a DSLR. www.amiwheel.com is a place where he sticks all his BMX snaps, you should go look at it. While you are at it, take a peek at his proper site too, in particular the riders book sections which are shithot™, there are 2 of ‘em. A good few familiar faces are lurking in there!

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Jaz Clarke

  1. Ben says:

    Go on the Jaz witch… Where is the bloody summer? I wanna ride jumps!

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