Heavy Handed

Now then, yep we have been taking blogging to new levels of slackness, but bear with us, Wednesday regulars have been away for a week in Barca, dragging our knuckles down flights of stairs.

Well, no, not really, more drinking beer and and kicking back on the beach. More on all of that later, including a whole new set of phrases which border on a new language and Wednesdays first web edit, yes, web edit, no poofy bar spins though, and all filmed on Super 8, in the meantime here is a font I have made recently…

I had kinda resisted the Super slab display font craze for a year or so but if you cant beat them, suck it up like a man and do your own. So here it is, Heavy handed V1, only caps atm and still needs some work but i’m pretty pumped on it at the moment…

Shit hot.

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Heavy Handed

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