Haunted Weekend


Shee mobile/Goth wagon on route


The boy rat


Big cigarette


Cook up


Thanks Ant


Tres bon soil


The Lees at work


Boy rat not at work


Stacey and Ant on the bench


Crap pic, sorry Merlin


Sole to the crowd


The next Matty Lambert


Camp boy rat


Le grand enfant le grand tuck


Homeward bound

Another weekend another set of trails…

Anyone who knows me knows Spooks is a place I’m still very much in to. They were never the best trails around (well, Cobra line was the best line ever), some folks found them too steep, some too narrow, some too tight, some too small, some too dangerous, some folks may of even called them “rocky ol goats paths”… you get the idea. Spooks were the first set of trails I had to leave when they were in no threat of being knocked down, which in a way was more frustrating (I had to move for work) and with Jim (one of the other main diggers) moving at the same time the place lost most of its locals and fell into disrepair. Every other year a couple of the no good faux locals claimed to be rebuilding it but they invariably did more damage than good and nothing ever got up and running again.
Then last year, a local lad named Antony who had is own trails near by decided his current spot was too small and took on Spooks, rent bills and all (the woods is rented) and has rebuilt the whole place nearly single handedly over the last year and a half- correcting quite a few of our cowboy jobs and making the whole place a bit neater and less dangerous. The few pics he posted on Facebook got me pretty excited about the place again and although its a bit of a trek (apprx 5 hours round trip) I popped down to lend a hand a couple of times this winter. Ant has no problem with the digging, he could probably manage the whole place on his own, but no one likes to ride on their own, and Ant has a strong aversion to it after knocking himself out when riding his last place on his own, so we loaded up Shee’s goth wagon and we headed down to selflessly ride as many jumps as we could, just for Ant. These pics are actually from a few weeks ago and are not the best as I loaded the wrong speed film forgetting just how damn dark Spooks (and the inside of vans) can be, we’ve had another trip since too and finally helped get highroad (a line I started when I still lived in Brighton) running, only took about 8 years, and a lot of work from Ant and the two Lee’s over the recent wet spring/summer.

Thanks again guys…

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