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Instagram used to be very much a day-to-day personal snap shot picture journal, documenting the things you do and see and sharing them with your friends, your food, your new haircut, your dog/cat, how you look the very second you wake up, and all those other really important life changing moments.

Then came hashtags, and they opened up a whole new world and a way to connect with people you don’t know but through a potential common interest, #bmx #camera #35mm or in one of my most popular posts featuring a certain Ed Salter #hunk #beefcake #boy. While I am still trying to portray my life as a perpetual holiday I have received like from randoms who use the same hashtags (usually film/camera based ones), a lot of Asian folk and a couple of photographers, which if I am honest with you always gets me a little bit excited. It’s a bit like one of my “BMX career” highlights – getting a “yeah” from Scott Maylon for a goofy table 3 over Southsea Jumpbox, a wee appreciative nod from someone who actually does what you want to do, and does it very well.

One such photographer is Steve Glashier, a Brighton/London/Berlin based photographer who shoots a lot of film (I’m not sure what camera he uses) and has an incredible body of work of emotive photos with amazing an narrative quality. I jumped down the rabbit hole and ended up and his site where he also has a lot of film work which probably explains the cinematic quality of his shots.

Anyway, I think I have waffled enough, TLDR version: Nice pics, do a look.

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