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I never thought anything good could come out of Portsmouth, I went to uni there and it’s a shit hole filled with basics and retards, the BMXer’s I met while down there were all from small towns outside of Portsmouth so they don’t fall into the previous catergories and made my stay bearable. Maybe I am being too harsh, maybe it was just the students that were a bunch of pricks, but either way I wasn’t too keen on the place…

There is always an exception to the rule and here is a massive excepetion - ilovedust They’re lads who were on the same course as me and decided to stay in Portsmouth and start up their own studio, I remember their first ever tiny ad in creative review 5 or so years back, some sort of Yeti illustration and their name Now, after a few missed deadlines they have finally launched their new site. As I already suspected heavily influenced by Vintage typography inspired by their new offices that are based in an old butchers. There is also a huge range of different styles and work in there, as to be honest, all their stuff is shit hot.

Basically Dust are on my list of all time bezzie designers and I have been pretty excited to see their new site, here is a few random pieces of their work, have a browse, go look at their other work and wonder how one of the worst areas of the country has harbored and inspired such talent….

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