Everybody Street

I can’t take decent pictures. I m not going to lie, or try and make some sort of excuse, or blame my equipment, or my piss poor eye sight, nope, none of them, I’m just no good at, no matter how much I try.

I have even bought a bunch of high end, 35mm, point and shoot cameras to do most of the work for me and still the results are sub bar at best. But that doesn’t stop me having quite an active interest in photography, from trying to take pictures, to books on how to take better pictures, to films about taking pictures… which brings me on to Everybody Street.

Everybody street is a documentary of New York street photographers who capture the crazy lives in the Big Apple and the ever wonderful 71a put on a free screening a few weeks back, which I treated myself to, along with a nice bottle of red. It goes without saying that it’s a pretty damn interesting insight into how the featured photographers work, and has inspired me to throw yet more money down the drain trying to take photos that have half the feeling and sense of timing that the ones featured in Everybody Street do. I should just throw in the towel, buy a digi SLR, set up a low contrast and vignette action in PS and make a mint taking wedding photos…

Here is a selection of photos featured and a link to the 71a events page, well worth signing up to their mailing list.

71a London

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