Emer Swift


Emer Swift Logo / by Seb Lester


Finished Logo on Headtube


Emer Swift / Cruiser Frame


Initial Sketches


Finished Logo


Emer Swift / Full Bike Build


Emer Swift / Full Bike build

Just a quick one here, ex Wednesday regular now Wednesday-dodger-coming-close-to-his-second-written-warning, Johann, has had a little coverage on the well respected (probably coming pretty close to this blog in terms of respectability) Creative Review blog.

Johanns recently resurrected company Emer is now making cruiser frames as well as shit hot t-shirts and his first one, the swift, has graphics by ex BMXer Seb Lester which are quite obviously shit hot. Check out the post here, Emer’s site here, and Seb Lester site here.

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4 Responses to:
Emer Swift

  1. Ben says:

    No worries! You got any of the t-shirts left? Wouldn’t mind one… In exchange for cash of course:)

  2. johann says:

    Yes got a couple left.
    Speak soon- site is looking good btw

  3. Chris says:

    I want a Seb Lester Wednesday T Shirt…

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