Donhou Bicycles


The workshop


Frame Jig


Donny in the spray booth


Fred lending a helping hand


Documenting the workforce


Custom Mondrian inspired paint job


Aspirational tool wall


Happy worker


Graphics, nerdy design mark up


Graphics on frame, pic stolen from Donnys site

I’ve been meaning to write something about Donny quitting his design job to work for himself for a long time but have never really had any photos I felt were bearable enough to share. Recently I helped out on some branding for his “non-bespoke” frame range and when I popped over to his workshop took the opportunity to take a camera and a few snaps.

For those who don’t know Donny┬áhe started┬áDonhou Bicycles after a soul searching ride across the world where he resolutely decided he couldn’t go back to “working for the man” and should pursue a career in making something he has always loved- bikes. I think his first foray into welding must of been around 15 or so years ago and him doing some home welding on his TNT Haw Fong Daddy which fell apart seemingly every month- god knows how they were built originally, or how he broke it so often, but he managed to keep that beast going far past its sell by date. Fast forward a decade and a half and Donny has re-established himself in Hackney Wick (after starting up in Norwich) and is now building high end road bikes, which if you want one you’ll have to join the back of a year long queue. While discussing what he wanted from the branding I took a few snaps of him and Fred preparing his latest builds for the up coming Bespoke bike show which he went on to pick up another award to add to his growing collection.

Donhou Bicycles is a testimony to the ability of making your dreams a reality if you want it hard enough, and that good things can come from going off on a massive bike ride.

For more info head over to Donhou Bicycles

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