Damp weekend


just back from a holiday abroad one assumes


all dressed up and nowhere to go




Totes jell obv


Calzone needed these feathers despite a disapproving Ed


Toilet break


Make shift bin


getting turned away, not sure why


Brazel is my muse


can i get a photo? are you making fun of us? no. ok then.


Max and Brazel


Important call


Brazel, again


Street beer


late night kiss


defo not staged

If I had the time, and the motivation I might try and create some sort of info graphic showing how an area becomes cool and who are the protagonists, It would prob start with “people who create/live near by”, these are the types that bring life to an area, a feeling, a community, whether they have been there for years or days, the seed is planted and sometimes it grows, until others begin to take notice and add fuel to the fire, or not and nothing much happens. Either way that’s how I would assume the diagram would start, and until recently I assumed it would end with the Spanish, fresh from a siesta and wondering how much of the party they missed, kay? Well I have now found out that’s not how it ends, it ends with these wonderfully colourful folks from Essex. On one of the many many rainy days of only a few weeks ago we ended up sitting down Bricklane on a washout out street riding expedition watching Essex empty out it’s bowls for the 93 Feet East all dayer. It’s days like this, with many a street beer, that remind you how much fun people watching is and how much hilarity can ensue from a pair of cut off denim hot pants and an over enthusiastic spray tan.

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Damp weekend

  1. Pete says:

    Just looked back at these and see Ed’s dived in with the rogue teenage girls in picture 10.

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