Bombay Beach

I am technically breaking our own rules here as there isn’t even the faintest, most tenuous link to this film, not even a “passed the lake once on holiday” or “the second runners assistant is my cousins friends ex girlfriend”. But, to be fair, which you must always be, I don’t think we are actually interesting enough to fill this blog with 100% unique self generated content so I’m posting this to break up the monotony of sub par photos of people drinking beer.

I watched this film a little whole ago and rewatched it last night and it was still as impressive. Technically it’s a documentary but it’s shot more like a music video with more focus pulls than Pete’s lost phones. Choreographed dance scenes are mixed in at points adding another level of weirdness as we watch the American dream on it’s knees. I won’t waffle on anymore apart from to say it should be watched by all and it makes me want to go work in an oil field and drink whiskey from the bottle…

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Bombay Beach

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