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For the first time in quite some time, Chris and I ventured out of East London and it’s lovely little bubble of existence. Maybe slightly less lovely since Essex invaded, but still lovely none the less.

We decided to get on the train at 11am from London Bridge on the hottest day of the year. Our hopes of a nice relaxing train journey filled with banter and snacks where a scuppered when we realised we’d chosen to go on possibly the busiest train out of the capital that day, to London-upon-Sea, aka Brighton. Great.

After an hour of standing, shoulder to shoulder, with people pretending to be from Essex (which is an odd concept in itself), we got on two more trains straight out of Brighton, got offered free sunglasses and beer from some lad who was defo still ‘having it’ then rode uphill on busy A-roads for three miles to some trails that we didn’t ride which still looked the same as the time I visited 8 years ago. Great.

We built a lip, Chris told ‘em what else to build then a person named Stacey, who was a marine rather than a girl with glasses, appeared he and took us via car to some other trails. To be fair, at this point, I was more keen to head back to Brighton for pizza and beers. But I persevered as I am a trooper and well known for being patient.

We headed up to Birchwood, some jumps which seemed to be halfway back to London. Stacey was playing the place down, but he needn’t have. The spot has only been on the go a couple of years or so, but they’ve got a fair bit built already, actually a serious amount thinking about it. The main line that we rode was actually relatively easy but made you feel manly (according to Chris) because they were actually pretty bloody big.

We had it there for a good few hours, before packing up and heading back to Brighton, for the afore mentioned pizza and beers and getting on trains with loads of dickheads again. Great.

Joking aside, it was real good to actually ride somewhere different and new for a change, and much as I love riding within our little bubble it made me remember why riding bikes is so fun. Sometimes. Dig circa 2002 alert.

Thanks to Stacey and Jake at Birchwood plus Ant and the lads at Spooks too. Hopefully we’ll pay another visit to both places soon!

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