Azure Ray

I had this post all written out in my head by the time the gig had finished but a few (low carb) ciders and a round of cheesy chips and it was gone.

As the weather is so god damn awful atm, there is little riding going on (that and the fact my bikes fucked due to retarded brake mounts but I won’t go into that here) this Wednesdays action took place inside, without bikes, with Zoe and at the Borderline venue in Soho.

Azure Ray are one of those Saddle Creek bands that anyone with a best of Props 2002 should be very familiar with, if you’re not then you probably should be, their back catalogue spans over a decade and unlike Drive By Truckers and many, many others even their latest album is as good as the early work.

Without exaggerating, this may of been the best gig I have ever been to, it even beat the time I solo’d it to a Brighteyes and Rilo Kiley gig in Portsmouth where I nearly had to give some chap a sound thrashing for piping up too much or the time Rainer Maria played for Mike Netley and myself in Brighton.

If you haven’t heard Azure Ray, the big winners areā€¦ November, Displaced, Don’t ever leave my mind, Raining in Athens and Rise which is in this video…

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