1000 Words

A good few posts back now we mentioned some lads that do the Bigplaytime website, they came and rode Wednesday and seemed dead nice. Their website has always been a decent mix of the BMX and Arty kinda stuff they are involved in with no pretenses or posturing, unlike this site which is all tall stories and showing off.

Anyway, they have made an edit with a bunch of photos and clips from over the year, including a fair few shots from Wednesday. The production values on this are daft high and should shame a lot of people out there… it also has an amazing ephemeral vibe that has just cut through a day of internet related drama.

Thanks guys, for reminding me there is still a lot of good stuff happening in BMX…

Oh, and being self referential is the first sign you are on the slippery slope to ruin, next up, referring to yourself in the third person…

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1000 Words

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